Things to know about this kratom product

Things to know about this kratom product

Kratom leaf, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa. The extract from these herbal leaves is used to make the opms gold capsules which we will discuss in this article. The plant belongs to the Runiacecea family or the coffee family, which is abundantly grown in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, etc. Here in America, this plant is grown in many states and was introduced to the American market in 1990.  The leaves of this plant contain mitragynine, which acts like opium in the form of morphine extracted from the poppy seeds plants.

Who is OPMS?

OPMS is a popular kratom and kava brand and is the sole producer or manufacturer of this product. They use the method of an all-natural cold-water extraction process to retain the entire alkaloid content present in each kratom leaf to increase the potency power of the product. Available in kratom liquid extract shots, kratom powder, and kratom capsules. But the gold version is available only in shots and capsules.

Uses of this product-

This product can be used as a pain-relieving product for headaches, cough, depression, anxiety, lowers body or muscle pain, creates a sense of relaxation, etc.

Effects of kratom if consumed-

Large doses of kratom can be severe to your health and be the reason for your death. But suppose it is consumed in a small amount every day. In that case, it can cause hallucinations, aggressive attitude, nausea, trouble breathing, etc. if you are consuming the product for an extended period, you will face severe health complications like heart disease, eyesight problems, kidney malfunction, and many more.

Does this product get you high or drunk-

Yes, this product does make you high as its effects are similar to opium consumption and it’s after effects. The FDA or Food and Drug Administration department of America and other new channels in America has listed this product as a drug of concern.

A doubt about its potency-

The product mentioned above is the most potent kratom extract capsule available. It is valid and legal here in different states of America as per the Drugs Law.

Online companies that sell the brand mentioned above, kratom products-

  • com
  • co
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  • org

The price of the product-

  • Liquid extract- $13.69 to $ 2160.00
  • Capsules– $36.20 to $687.50

To conclude, this product should be consumed after a proper doctor’s prescription; otherwise, it will be the reason for your downfall.